Let go and let God

I do not know how but I follow as the spirit leads me.  Many a time we murmur and complain to God asking why he let us go through some painful experiences in our lives. We tend to forget that in all things we should give thanks for this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning us (1st Thessalonians 5:18). From my point of view, God may allow us to face challenges so that he may be glorified through the outcome of our endurance. No one has promised that the journey is easy but God’s grace is always sufficient.

Despite how bad or good our past is, no one is ever ready to let go of it. Letting go is a process. How fast or slow depends on the person. The situations we go through also determine how long it will take us to let go. For example, if it’s the loss of a loved one it might take longer compared to a heart break or break up. When I look back on my life, I have some instances where I had to let go and allow God to take control.

It all began when I found out that I had ASD. I always felt like God was punishing me for not being faithful in serving him. Fear caught up with me and I had suicidal thoughts. It was my biggest prayer that I die at all costs. I thought I was not worthy to live and felt like I was a burden to my parents since I was sickly. It tried to accept my situation to no avail.

This is when I decided to let go of the situation and let God fight for me. For sure one thing that remains is that God’s love never fails, never gives up and it never runs out on us. I was not worthy to be saved but God won the victory. God saw me through my heart surgery and now I am standing here only because he made a way. So if you are out there seeking solutions as to why things are happening the way they are, dear it’s a high time to let go and let God fight for you.



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